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Any Plans


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With Spring not to far away is anyone planning anything..A weekend getaway or whatever.My Wife and I currently have no plans .


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No plans this year. We generally go to Florida for March break but not this year.


Been a few places; Done a few things
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Last trip anywhere was 2019, a trip to Liverpool, for 4 days and caught a game between LFC & Norwich, that of course Liverpool won:); Then covid hit, so been no where since. Restrictions still in place in some areas, And cases are rising again, So its difficult to make any plans, Perhaps a late summer getaway somewhere in the UK.


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Yesterday I was looking at local short train trips. It's not particularly cheap but it would be a lot of fun as a day trip. The trains are really old but kept up and the first class has very comfy chairs that swivel so that is really appealing to me. I think it would be nice to splurge since we really don't go anywhere except to visit family.