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The Basics
  1. Global Rules
    • Inappropriate content : Will NOT be tolerated such as but not limited to.
    Non English Content
    We will not tolerate haters,racists or anyone that targets someone due to belief.

    • Multiple Accounts : All members are allow only one account.If you are found to have more than one account the addional accounts will be removed.

    • Potty Mouths : Are described as someone that talks like Samuel L Jackson.I dont mind a damn here and there or something like that but if your a "F Bomb" machine proof read what you type.

    • Backseat Moderation : If you see a post that breaks the rules, please simply report it, rather than replying to the post.

    • Signatures : If you happen to have your own Website yes you are allowed to advertise you site in your Signature with a banner or a link.

    • Account Discipline : We do NOT delete accounts so please keep that in mind when registering. but we will ban you for a limited amount of time or permanently if need be.

    • Consequences :
    1ST Offense : A warning will be given.
    2ND Offense ; A final warning will be given and possibly a ban for up to 3 days.
    3RD Offense ; A permanent ban will be issued.
    We reserve the right to bypass any or all steps and go directly to banning if necessary

    Any decisions that may have to be made by Bear or Chuck are final.

  1. Wanna talk to Bear or Chuck
    If you have a question or complaint you can contact either Bear or Chuck privately.
  2. Cant help don't answer
    If someone asks a question in the Forums and you don't have the correct answer or something helpful, don't answer just to increase your post count.